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week commencing 27th april

Literacy Activities

Tuesday 28th April & Wednesday 29th April

You have today (Tuesday 28th April) and Wednesday 29th April to complete the activity attached to this page. We are going to challenge you to see if you can create your own comic strip about the first chapter of the Adventures of Odysseus. I have attached some blank comic strip templates that you can have a look at and print off if you want to or you can create your own. Enjoy!

Thursday 30th April

In today's lesson, you are going to look at chapter 2 of the book - The Cyclops. I have put on the PowerPoint to only listen up to 3 minutes 54 seconds of the audio as I want you to write your own escape plan before finding out what actually happens in the story. You can then listen to the remainder of the chapter to compare.

Mr Turner

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