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About Us

Vision and Mission

Empowering our community with the essence of 'Life, Love, and Learning to the Full.’

Fostering an environment where staff realise the essence of life, the importance of love, and the value of holistic learning, enriching our schools and larger community.

In the heart of rural North Devon, our community cherishes the principles of life, love, and learning to the full. We steadfastly commit to ensuring that every child, staff member, and stakeholder feels valued, respected, and included. Every experience, culture, and perspective within our community enriches our collective journey, allowing us to live and learn with love and inclusivity at its core.

At TEAM Multi Academy Trust, our vision of 'Life, Love, and Learning to the Full' is more than words—it's our ethos, mirrored in every action we take, every lesson we teach, and every life we touch.