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About Us

Guiding Principles

  • Centre professional development around improving and evaluating pupil outcomes.
  • Base professional development on solid evidence and expertise.
  • Promote collaboration and expert challenges.
  • Ensure continuity in professional development initiatives.
  • Make professional development a priority for school leadership.

At TEAM Multi-Academy Trust, we embrace the Department for Education's guiding principles with a steadfast commitment, aligning them with our ethos of 'Life, Love, and Learning to the Full.' We believe that the heart of professional development is its impact on pupil outcomes, inspiring our staff to elevate every child's educational journey. Grounding our approaches on robust evidence and expertise ensures that our practices not only stand on a solid foundation but also propel our pupils toward a future rich with possibilities.

We foster a culture of collaboration, encouraging our educators to challenge and support one another in pursuit of excellence. By ensuring a continuum in professional development, we promote sustained growth that echoes our dedication to lifelong learning. Making professional development a cornerstone of our leadership agenda, we pledge to cultivate an environment where educators thrive professionally, enriching the lives of the pupils they serve and weaving a tapestry of love for learning that spans our entire community.