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Excellence in Education: Celebrating Our Ofsted Successes

In recent years, five of our schools within TEAM Multi-Academy Trust underwent Ofsted inspections, with three inspections in 2023 and two in 2021. We are thrilled to announce that each of these schools achieved a 'Good' rating under the new Ofsted framework, a testament to the high standards of education and care provided across our Trust.

Recognition of Strong Governance

A standout feature of these inspections was the commendation of our governance. In four out of the five inspections, the strength of our governance was recognised, reflecting the robust oversight and strategic direction provided by our Trustees and Local Governing Bodies. This acknowledgement underscores the effectiveness of our governance model, which prioritises regular engagement with our schools.

Our Trustees and Local Governors make frequent visits to each school, immersing themselves in the unique successes and challenges of every setting. Through regular meetings with Heads of School and our dedicated school improvement team, our governance bodies maintain a deep understanding of each school's environment. This hands-on approach ensures that our strategic decisions are informed, targeted, and conducive to sustaining and enhancing the quality of education within our Trust.

A Collaborative Approach to Continuous Improvement

These positive Ofsted outcomes are not just milestones but also reflections of our collective commitment to 'Life, Love, and Learning to the Full.' They highlight the collaborative efforts of our staff, students, and governance bodies, working together to create enriching learning environments where every child can thrive. As we celebrate these achievements, we remain focused on continuous improvement, driven by our vision and the shared dedication of our TEAM Multi-Academy Trust community.