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About Us

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

'In the heart of North Devon, our community of primary schools cherishes the principles of Life, Love and Learning to the Full.' We steadfastly commit to ensuring that every child, staff member and stakeholder feels valued, respected and included. Every experience, culture and perspective within our community enriches our collective journey allowing us to live and learn with love and inclusivity to others.'

Demonstrating our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in alignment with our vision of 'Life, Love and Learning to the Full.'

Inclusive Curriculum

Through a curriculum that reflects diverse cultures and histories, we provide opportunities for every child to live their educational journey to the fullest, fostering a love for learning and respect for all stories. 

Regular Training

Our staff are immersed in CPD to ensure that the life of our schools is filled with love, respect and an inclusive spirit, enhancing our collective learning experience. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Living our vision means extending our arms to parents, guardians and the wider community, sharing our love for education and learning from their invaluable perspectives. 

Student-Led Initiatives

We champion our pupils, encouraging them to live their aspirations, express their love for their community and learn leadership skills by spearheading initiatives that promote unity and understanding. 

Accessibility Focus

To ensure every member of our community experiences life, love and learning to the fullest, we prioritise making all resources and facilities universally accessible. 

Regular Reviews

Living our commitment to its fullest potential, we frequently review our approaches, learning from feedback and lovingly adapting to the evolving needs of our community.

Celebration of Diversity

Our schools host events that not only foster a love for the various cultures within our community but also enable every individual to live their identity to the fullest and learn the value of diversity. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

We believe in a life free from discrimination, a community where love overrides prejudice and a learning environment where everyone feels secure. 

Community Outreach

Our commitment to life, love and learning extends beyond our school gates. We engage in local initiatives that embody our vision, creating a ripple effect of inclusivity in North Devon and further afield. 

At TEAM Multi-Academy Trust, our vision of 'Life, Love and Learning to the Full,' is more than words - it is our ethos, mirrored in every action we take, every lesson we teach and every life we touch.