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At TEAM Academy Trust Building Learning Power sits at the heart of our curriculum. It provides a framework which we can use to demonstrate the building blocks of learning. Building Learning Power ensures that all our children have a better understanding of what it means to be a great learner both in and out of school. It develops the knowledge that we can continually improve how we learn regardless of age, situation, gender or any other false boundary that tries to hinder our progress.  Building Learning Power gives us a common language to talk about learning and helps us make explicit the various skills that enable us to learn. It is organised into four key components, resilience, reciprocity, resourcefulness and reflectiveness.

Resilience – Perseverance

  • Good concentration
  • Don’t worry if you make a mistake
  • Don’t give up – try, try, again
  • Managing distractions.

Reciprocity – learning together and learning alone.Working Well Together

  • Taking Turns
  • Listening to Each Other
  • Working Well Together
  • Working Well On Your Own

Resourcefulness – Curiosity

  • Find another way
  • Asking great questions
  • See things that link together
  • Using your imagination

Reflectiveness - Thinking

  • Look carefully
  • Thinking about what I know
  • Thinking about what to do
  • Thinking about what you are learning

In each of our classrooms we display Building Learning Power to encourage children to use phrases such as ‘not giving up’, ‘making links’ or ‘managing distractions’. Our collective celebration assemblies also provide us with many opportunities to explore the different elements of Building Learning Power.