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About Us


Knowing what it means to be part of a global community and a responsible global citizens who works for the good of their community, is something of great importance to us at TEAM Academy Trust. Whilst with us, we strive to ensure that our children acquire a depth of knowledge about the world in which they live. Through this we want our pupils to build positive relationships with other children in the UK, Europe and from across the wider world. In order to achieve our goals each year group has a global partner country which they learn about and a partner school which they communicate with. Our Big Event curriculum provides plenty of opportunities through each theme to examine a range of global issues that are relevant to the pupil's lives.

Our Partner Countries/Schools

  • El Penascal School, Segovia, Spain
  • Morning Star, India
  • Lourdes Central School, Mangalore, India
  • Green Valley Primary School, Njeru, Uganda ( British Council Connecting Classrooms Partnership)
  • Sri Sharada Primary School, Annegeri, Karnataka, India
  • Sanjivani International School, Mumbai, India

The Cross-Curricular Global Learning Approach at TEAM Academy Trust

Each year group is currently active in building opportunities within the curriculum to learn more about their partner countries, the culture, traditions and way of life through their maths, English, science, topic, geography, history, MFL and PSHE subjects. 

2009 to 2019 British Council European Erasmus Projects

Over the past ten years our Pilton Bluecoat school has successfully led two British Council ERASMUS project with schools from Spain, Finland, Sweden and Italy.   As a result of this work a very successful partnership was formed with El Penascal School in Spain and over the last five years three student exchange visits have taken place.

2013 to 2014 British Council Connecting Classroom project work with St John’s Primary School, Nairobi in Kenya.

From 2013 to 2014 Pilton Bluecoat school took part in a British Council, Connecting Classrooms project with St John’s Primary School in Kenya. During that time reciprocal visits took place and the children worked on numerous curriculum based projects together.

2008-2019 – British Council School partnership with Lourdes Central School in India.

Our partnership with Lourdes Central School in Mangalore started in 2008 and over the years great things have been achieved. Children from LCS have visited our school on numerous occasions and in 2012 six Pilton Bluecoat pupils visited Mangalore with three members of staff. Many staff members have visited during this period of time and the main focus of our work has been on creating excellent curriculum based activities for our children to engage in. Skype calls regularly took place so the children could share their work and communicate with their pen pals. Teachers have also taught the pupils from their partner school. Over the past twelve months both schools have been using Skype to regularly communicate and Google Education to develop curriculum based projects linked to environmental issues. 

2018 – Present day

Through the British Council we have successfully acquired funding to continue to build our partnership with Green Valley Primary in Kampala, Uganda. At present our Year 6 children are working on an environmental project based on consumption and production. Along with this our teachers will be working together to look at how we can continue to develop leadership at all levels in our schools.