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About Us


Knowing the significance of being part of a global community and acting as responsible global citizens, working for the benefit of their community, is of paramount importance to us at TEAM Academy Trust. During their time with us, we ensure our children acquire a profound understanding of the world they inhabit. Through this, we aim for our pupils to forge positive relationships with children in the UK, Europe, and the wider world. To achieve our objectives, each year group is paired with a global partner country to learn about, alongside a partner school with which they communicate. Our 'Big Event' curriculum offers abundant opportunities across various themes to explore global issues relevant to our pupils' lives.

Our Partner Countries/Schools:

  • El Penascal School, Segovia, Spain
  • Morning Star, India
  • Lourdes Central School, Mangalore, India
  • Green Valley Primary School, Njeru, Uganda (British Council Connecting Classrooms Partnership)
  • Sri Sharada Primary School, Annegeri, Karnataka, India
  • Sanjivani International School, Mumbai, India

The Cross-Curricular Global Learning Approach at TEAM Academy Trust:

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to include learning opportunities about our partner countries, embracing their cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. This is integrated across subjects such as maths, English, science, geography, history, modern foreign languages (MFL), and personal, social, health, and economic (PSHE) education.

British Council European Erasmus Projects (2009 to 2019):

Over the last decade, our Pilton Bluecoat school has led two British Council ERASMUS projects with partner schools from Spain, Finland, Sweden, and Italy. A particularly fruitful partnership developed with El Penascal School in Spain, leading to three student exchange visits in the past five years.

British Council Connecting Classroom Project (2013 to 2014):

Pilton Bluecoat Academy participated in a British Council Connecting Classrooms project with St John’s Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya. This period saw reciprocal visits and collaborative work on numerous curriculum-based projects.

British Council School Partnership (2008-2019):

Our enduring partnership with Lourdes Central School in Mangalore, India, began in 2008. It has facilitated numerous visits and collaborative projects, focusing on enriching curriculum-based activities. Regular communication via Skype and Google Education has been pivotal, especially in projects related to environmental issues.

2018 – 2020:

With the support of the British Council, we've strengthened our partnership with Green Valley Primary in Kampala, Uganda. Our Year 6 pupils are currently engaged in an environmental project concerning consumption and production, while our teachers collaborate on leadership development within our schools.

2020 to 2022:

The Covid-19 pandemic posed significant challenges to our international collaborations. However, strong bonds between our schools enabled the continued use of technology to maintain connections between children and staff across our partner schools.

2022 to the Present Day:

Our collaborative efforts with schools in India and Europe are ongoing. In 2023, Witheridge Academy was awarded the British Council International Schools Award for its work with Sanjivani International School in Mumbai. Following this success, High Bickington Academy has joined the partnership, participating in a variety of curriculum activities. Our long-standing partnership with El Penascal School, Segovia, Spain has started again, along with the residential visits to visit our friends. 


Our global work is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy at TEAM Academy Trust, reflecting our vision of "Life, Love, and Learning to the Full." Through our international partnerships and projects, we not only broaden our pupils' horizons but also instil in them a deep sense of global responsibility and interconnectedness. This global perspective is crucial in today's world, as it prepares our students to navigate and contribute to a diverse and rapidly changing society.

Our initiatives, from the British Council European Erasmus Projects to our Connecting Classrooms work, underscore the importance of cultural exchange and mutual learning. These experiences enrich our pupils' education, allowing them to explore new cultures, languages, and ideas, thereby fostering a sense of global solidarity and empathy. By connecting with partner schools around the world, our pupils learn to appreciate the beauty of diversity, understand global challenges, and work collaboratively towards sustainable solutions.

In conclusion, our global work is not just an add-on to our curriculum; it is a vital part of fulfilling our vision. By living life to the fullest, loving and respecting all cultures, and pursuing learning beyond our borders, TEAM Academy Trust pupils are equipped to make meaningful contributions to the world, embodying the values of life, love, and learning in everything they do.